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Free Mario Games – Relive Your Retro Gaming Memories

  • June 15, 2016
  • Tech

marioMario is 30 years old, and our favorite Italian plumber is still going strong with games being released all the time, but the oldies are often the best and whether you want to play just for the sake of nostalgia or you have a craving to play the games of your childhood and complete the levels you never could, there are ways you can play free mario today.

These games still stand up as some of the best ever made, and though some of the marios are better than others, there are so many amazing games ready to play through, whether you want the good old fashioned platformer we all grew to love, or you are looking to play mario kart and race all the characters we have grown to know and love. The browser based method of playing shown above is amazing, and rather than downloading an emulator, or even more effort, having to dust out the old consoles which probably don’t work anymore, or buying a retro console on ebay. You can simply play them in html in your browser now, and mario can be accessible to everyone!

These games stand the test of time and are still great fun, many of the games released today would do well to be as engaging as these utter classics, and they are a great way to teach people about the basics of games, the history of platformers and even show your kids the games you used to play as a child!

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How to REALLY Wipe Sensitive Data

  • April 11, 2016
  • Tech

folderWhen you erase a document or other file from your computer, it doesn’t really leave – even after you’ve wiped the Recycle Bin. The bits stay composed on the drive until some other action rewrites over them. Unfortunately if you don’t take the right steps, documents are still there for the individuals who need and know how to get their hands on them and this can spell danger.

If we assume that you need to really and safely erase something, or even the substance of a whole drive, a simple delete key won’t do it. You need a programme to get rid of the files completely. This comes in really handy if, for example, you need to sell the computer on and want to make sure there’s nothing on there that could cause problems in the future.

Software that can permanently wipe sensitive data is available, and doesn’t cost the earth, such as Super Eraser. This software works not only on your computer’s inbuilt hard drive but can help with other devices, it can wipe stuff from your tablet, SD card or other mobile storage, or even an external hard drive.

There is a limited trial version available for you to ‘test drive’ so to speak, but the most powerful versions do come at a cost. The benefits of doing so are clear, and this is super easy to use as well so you don’t need to be a computer whizz to use it, even the less tech savvy can safely erase their files.

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