Mastering the Art of Decoupage

decoupageDecoupage is a process that has stood the test of time, it includes cutting up paper pictures or other images and after that sticking them to a surface in a way which enhances it, almost like upcycling for smaller items. It gets its name from “decouper” which signifies “to remove.”

Given that the system dates the distance back to the twelfth century and was promoted in seventeenth century Europe, it’s entirely simple to reproduce and have a fun activity at home with a little imagination.

Essentially, you cut out pictures; you stick the photos onto a chosen item; and after that cover the chosen thing and pictures with a couple layers of paste/decoupage medium to secure it. You may even have all that you have to make your start lying around unused somewhere in your home at this moment.

Obviously, you can purchase supplies and different things that are made particularly for decoupage online or from craft stores, however you can likewise utilize supplies you already have.

The actual art of decoupage is a significant straight forward procedure, including removing a print, choosing a place on your picked object, sticking it down and varnishing it. The thought is to get a smooth surface to your work, with the paper inserted in layers of varnish. You will discover you rapidly pick up the skill with every task effectively finished. On the off chance that this is the first occasion when you have had a go at decoupage, pick a basic idea, without an excessive amount of tough cutting, so you can focus on getting it right.

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