Choosing a Countertop for Your Bathroom

  • July 28, 2016
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bathroomBathrooms have a huge amount of different variations and options when it comes to design and you’ve got so much to choose if you’re designing or remodelling yours. Often the colors are light and cool such as cold blues and white, and many choose tiles or laminate in their bathrooms. Carpet sometimes is used, and these choices are all before we even come to our main focus in this article, your countertop. Countertops must assume the responsibility of being sturdy and properly equipped for facing the water it will inevitable get on it in your bathroom, beauty care products and more while serving as a sufficient surface for the daily morning rush in the restroom. This is not the time for flimsy surfaces, you need something that is sturdy and well constructed, which largely lets us choose based on the material which they’re made of, this is truly key when you’re deciding on a countertop.

The surface you decide for your bathroom depends to a great extent on your finances and of course your taste, we can’t always decide what we’re going buy based just on what we like the look of and our budget really does have to play some sort of part.

Marble is an option and sometimes in luxury homes it is the natural choice introduce stone or marble, which does often look great but you don’t want to be begging forgiveness from your wallet for this purchase. Marble is a luxurious material which is a hard and sturdy countertop option and can be a great option if you have the cash, but it is very costly.

Strong surface. Quartzite materials are unbelievably solid and easy to look after. Scratches are effectively buffed out with fine sandpaper, and the surface can deal with high warmth so you don’t have to worry too much what you’re putting on it – some people have even put things like curlers on there, which isn’t necessarily recommended but it shows how quartzite countertops and quartz countertops can be such a great option. The added bonus with this is the fact that they look almost the same as the solid stone and marbles which we’re used to seeing in luxurious design shows on tv or in the showrooms and can make a really impressive look for your bathroom. When it comes to choosing a countertop for the bathroom, quartz & quartzite are the way to go. They can withstand almost anything including water and dirt – just wipe it up & you’ll be good to go!

So in conclusion, this is one less option you really have to worry about as the choice is pretty clear. You should from this article have got some tips on the countertop you plan to have installed in your bathroom and the material especially, the looks are very much up to you as you can go for multiple colors, effects, finishes and of course accessories to finish the look in your bathroom. Hopefully this guide has helped to get your creative juices and ideas flowing.

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