Decorations and Crafts for The Home Which Use Names

  • February 2, 2016
  • Home

familyframe2Home decorations which have your name or the name of loved ones have so much more meaning, plus crafts which include names can be so much fun, whether you’re buying a craft item from somewhere else and getting a personalised item or gift for the home, or you’re making something yourself or as an activity to do with your children. We’ve looked at some great decorations for the home or crafty items that can be made using names of you and your family.

  • Stamps – stamp making can be really fun and you can buy personalised stamps online or you can make them at home with relative ease, you can even buy kits and have a fun afternoon with your kids making a stamp of their name
  • Family tree picture frame – harder to make yourself, but with such a beautiful item available from why would you need to? You can personalise it on there.
  • Word cloud art – why not use a word cloud art maker to put your families names and those of beloved pets, even sports teams and words that mean a lot to your family and make a word cloud.
  • Door signs – a great activity or a wonderful gift especially for the little ones in your family, door signs to say whose room is whose can be customised with favourite characters, animals and other fun images.

Personal touches are great for gifts and things around the house to give a real homely feel and make things more fun for your little ones!

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